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Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling, Insurance, Fees & Confidentiality

I invite you to call for a free 20 minute phone consultation. At this time we can discuss logistics and fees as well as briefly chat about what you are seeking help with.

If need is demonstrated, I offer a discretionary sliding scale for college and grad school students.

Regarding insurance, I am in network with CHP/ Stevens Institute of Tech student plan.  I am out of network with all other companies. Your provider will be able to explain to you if your plan includes these benefits. If you are eligible, I will provide you with completed claims to submit for reimbursement after you pay for the services you have received. I am happy to assist you regarding the common questions to ask when you call your insurance company.

If after our phone consult you are comfortable with what you’ve heard, we will schedule a session in my office. In general, sessions are 50 minutes long, however some clients prefer longer, particularly at the onset, to allow for greater depth.


What type of commitment is required of me?

Any ongoing commitment is up to you. Weekly consistency can accelerate rapport and momentum, and may help you achieve more gratifying results. However, life gets busy and many of us have overlapping commitments. I will never pressure you to schedule if doing so is an additional stressor. When you come in for your first session, I will offer you the option of booking another appointment or taking some time to think it over. This will be my approach until you express that you’d like to establish something consistent. 

What is my Clinical Approach?

My approach is multifaceted, primarily using solution focused and cognitive behavioral models. I also incorporate Eastern philosophies such as mindfulness when appropriate. However, no one individual is identical to another. Your concerns, circumstances, temperament and goals will guide our collaboration. My service plan is rooted in my commitment to compassion, respect and empowerment.