Welcome to my webpage. My hope is to offer you a straightforward introduction that inspires you to take a step forward. A glimpse into who I am and how I hope to serve you. A template to start a conversation.


The term “therapy” is daunting for many of us – Often the desire for professional help is precipitated by the feeling that something is  damaged, broken or  irreparable. Though seeking this type of support may signify emotional strength, one may perceive it as a sign of weakness, lack of direction or failure. These negative thoughts and feelings may keep us from acting in a productive fashion. We dwell on or beat on ourselves with shoulds or coulds vs. what is possible and more importantly, what is NEXT.

I see therapy as a type of inventory, a means to step back, to suspend judgment, to allow a space to shift. This deliberate examination may include inquiry, observation, exploration, expectation and vision. Ultimately, a shut door might open, two minds may meet, or a delayed decision is distinctly defined. While working towards a concrete solution or seeking an improved level of personal mastery, our conversation can create renewed clarity, potential and growth.